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What are PopNots?

POPNOTS!™ are made from specially selected, virgin popping corn, cottonseed and/or peanut oil, and gourmet seasonings, including real butter, cheddar and blue cheeses, and jalepeños.

They've received National Media Attention from coast to coast on Television, Radio, and Print Media.

How are PopNots sold?
POPNOTS!™ are sold in cans with re-sealable lids in Original, Butter, White Cheddar, Dill and additional, limited time, featured flavors throughout the year. POPNOTS!™ are sold via distributors and direct to retailers (where no distributor is available).

Why sell POPNOTS?

  • POPNOTS!™ are unique. POPNOTS!™ are ideal specialty snacks: There is nothing else like POPNOTS!™, The Crunchiest Popcorn on the Planet!. We pack ready-to-eat POPNOTS!™ utilizing nitrogen flushing which gives them a shelf life of one full year from the date of production. (Most traditional salty snacks average a 120 day shelf life).
  • POPNOTS!™ are designed to sell. While the picture above doesn't do them justice, POPNOTS!™ packaging has eye-catching colors and logo. And, since there is truly no other product like POPNOTS!™, when you sell POPNOTS!™, those are "plus" sales -- they do not cannibalize other popcorn products or snack food products you may carry. Once the word gets out about this unique, flavorful snack, you will have your customers selling the product for you!
If you are a retailer, and would like more details about getting profitable, unique, new POPNOTS!™ in your store, shoot us an e-mail, or give us a call at 317.782.5611. We can show you how to ring new profits, bring in new customers, and satisfy your current patrons.

If you are distributor, we would like to talk with you! We get requests from all over North America from retailers of every imaginable type! We would be happy to send them your way to get their supply of POPNOTS!™ E-mail us at popnots@popnots.com, or give us a call at 317.782.5611.

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